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Another Judge Obstructing Justice? on www.fulldisclosure.net – YouTube

Another Judge Obstructing Justice? on www.fulldisclosure.net – YouTube.


Why are the Fathers not honoured on Remembrance Day?

Thank you for your submission..

Thank you for your submission.

Below is what you submitted to info@legion.ca on Thursday, November 10, 2011 at 13:02:29

Topic: Where is the respect for the Fathers?

Name: Connie Brauer

Address: 1061 Mines Rd. RR2

City: Falmouth

Province: NS

Postal: B0P 1L0

Phone: 902.798.5267

Question or Comment:

Dear Legion,

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day. I may not go. I was dismayed at the response to a fellow activist for father’s rights, that was given to him regarding the wreath laid from the Mother’s of Canada. Where is the wreath From the Fathers of Canada?

Did they not lose their sons too? When will discrimination against men stop? You are discriminating against the very men who fought in the wars!

He wrote: For the last 14 years, I have been laying a wreath from “Fathers of Canada” on Remembrance Day at the National War Memorial, and asking the government and Legion to change the ceremony to recognize that soldiers have two parents. In the national ceremony, the Governor General lays a wreath from the people of Canada, then the “Mothers of Canada” wreath, then a wreath recognizing veterans. Our fathers’ wreath is kept back in the 8th wave, at the very end. Readers are right that the Memorial Cross and the “Silver Cross Mother” recognition are separate questions. In response to my letters, the Legion wrote that they would only consider including a father in the official party if there were no more mothers. In another letter, the Legion said that including mothers and excluding fathers was “sacrosanct”. It is unfortunate that this important day has become so politicized. The proper order should be people of Canada, veterans wreath and then “parents of Canada” or a wreath from a mother and a father. It does no honour to veterans, Canada, mothers or the Legion to exclude fathers.


I looked up sacrosanct. Here’s what it said: Sacrosanctity was a right of tribunes in Ancient Rome not to be harmed physically. Plebeians took an oath to regard anyone who laid hands on a tribune as an outlaw liable to be killed without penalty. The term comes from the phrase sacer esto (“let him be accursed”) and reflects that violation of a tribune’s sacrosanctity was not only a secular offense, but a religious offense as well.[1]

Pretty barbaric, wouldn’t you say? Please look into this matter immediately and honour our fathers too, immediately!

Connie Brauer

Victim of judicial abuse against fathers and families by the courts.


Super-parenting or abuse?” How about neither? – Arts & Culture – Macleans.ca

Super-parenting or abuse?” How about neither? – Arts & Culture – Macleans.ca


“Super-parenting or abuse?” How about neither?

Anne Kingston on her interview with Amy Chua and the furor surrounding Chua’s book

by Anne Kingston on Tuesday, January 18, 2011 5:58pm – 2 Comments

Amy Chua’s Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother has elicited the sort of fury properly summoned by war crimes. No surprise there. The Yale Law School professor’s memoir about her attempt to raise her two daughters with strict “Chinese parenting” techniques combines two highly charged topics—ethnicity and child-rearing. Combustion was inevitable. As Chua tells it, she was a Type A Mom to the max, obsessive about her two daughters succeeding on her terms, believing that the regimented way she was raised by her immigrant parents gave her the tools to make choices that made her happy later in life. She was Draconian in setting goals for her girls, to whom she was endlessly devoted, refusing to praise results she saw as mediocre. She forced them to practice classical music for hours every day and deprived them of rites of modern childhood—sleepovers, play dates and computer games. Then her younger daughter rebelled and she was forced to recalibrate her approach dramatically.

Since its publication a week ago, both the book and Chua have been obsessively scrutinized—and trashed—in the media and online. The Wall Street Journal’s excerpt, “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior” (the paper’s title, not Chua’s), generated more than 7,000 comments on its website. The New York Times ran two features on Chua on Sunday, one gleefully titled “Retreat of the ‘Tiger Mother’.” Novelist Ayelet Waldman, who coined the term “sanctimommy” years ago to describe the smug judgment privileged mothers lay on one another, wrote a bombastic rebuttal in the WSJ: “In Defense of the Guilty, Ambivalent, Preoccupied Western Mom.”


Read the rest of the story, here.

Legal Leaks encourages victims of judicial abuse to post their court orders to expose the abuse to the world

LegalLeaks encourages victims of judicial abuse to post their court orders. « LegalLeaks


LegalLeaks encourages victims of judicial abuse to post their court orders.

You have heard of WikiLeaks.  Well this is LegalLeaks!

Here all victims of judicial abuse and human rights violations,  especially in the

family law area, can post their legal court orders to show

the world just how unjust our judicial system is.

This shows you how the legislation in our government is violating all

  • Parental Rights
  • Family Rights
  • Human Rights
  • Equal Rights
  • Protection by the Criminal Code
  • GUARANTEED  Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Anti Slavery Rights.

They thrive unchallenged because they have four  things going for them.

  1. Secrecy. Do you realize that most family law court orders are not made public?
  2. Secrecy in Criminal Court. The judge does not provide a court order or a reason for the judge’s decision.
  3. Unlimited money. They have the money to outlast anyone and they get paid for doing it.
  4. Unlimited Power. No accountability by anyone including the government.

To post your court order, you must become a user.  Simply send me an email and ask to be added

and upon approval you will have access to only your posts. We encourage all members to make

a donation. We want to  promote this website to the world and we need your help. Send an email to familyjustice@eastlink.ca

and ask to become a user. I will set it up.

Make sure you

  1. click on your category.
  2. Country,
  3. province or state and
  4. the type of court order it is.
  5. Make sure to tag the person who violated your rights in the tag area. Add more keywords.
  6. Write a brief description in your post of the rights violated.
  7. Pdf files will show up in another window.
  8. If you have trouble submitting your files, see tutorial here.

Enjoy. There is no anonymity here.  Court orders contain the names of those involved.

Connie Brauer and Vic Harris

Falmouth, NS