The Monstrous Children’s Aid Strikes Again in NS! Stealing Children!

Destitute Children

Destitute Children

Dear Editor,
Further to the story about the woman dominatrix who had her children taken away in Dartmouth,
by Children’s Aid, another family bites the dust.
Children’s Aid strikes again! If a parent or parents are even a little bit different they risk losing their
children to these self declared Gods, who get paid per head, from both the Provincial Government and the
Federal Government. I know, because I saw the financial report. They are in the business of taking
people’s children even when no laws have been broken, no parent has been charged with any crime
against the children and it is a total violation of their freedom and liberties.

This parent (the dominatrix mother) has not committed any of the crimes under the Family and Children’s Services Act. that warrant removal of her children. See item 22 and beyond.

Who gave these people this awesome, unaccountable power to steal other people’s children? Why are they
still allowed to commit these barbaric acts and violate the rights and privacies of families in 2009?
The children in this case were not consulted. Maybe the CAS should have asked the children how they are
being treated. Are they in any danger and if so what kind?

Please join our group of Parents Rights in Kijiji, NS.   We must stop this invasion of personal parenting rights!

Connie Brauer



Dear Editor, It’s Open Season on Parents and their children.

I would like to respond to Mark Mercer, Halifax. (Heads Should Roll, June 16/08) He suggested we call our MP’s and MLA’s and ask what they would do if our children were taken by the Children’s Aid Societies and judges, like Larry Finck and Carline VandenElsen’s child was taken. I fully agree with him. Remember, the apprehension order was made before the birth of the child and no parental neglect was sited. The Children’s Aid Society of Halifax took the child based on the vague “possible future harm” clause of the Children and Family Services Act. After the the judge agreed to apprehend the child she was promoted to Assistant Chief Justice.
Well, I already contacted the politicians several years ago and here are the results. MP Scott Brison, no response, MLA Chuck Porter,Hants West, refused to talk with us and when we stormed his office he grudgingly gave us a few minutes. No action taken. Prime Minister, previous and current, no action. Premier of NS, previous and current, no action. Attorney General, previous and current, no action, 52 MLA’s no action, 300 + MP’s, no action, Federal Attoreney General, past and present, no action, Children’s Aid Society of Halifax, no action, Halifax Regional Police, no action, RCMP, no action.
We even filed a lawsuit which was dismissed without predjudice and were told to get a lawyer. Right! Who’s got $50K?
Now we come to our own situation. We are still paying child support to the mother, for our nearly 22 year old son, who’s whereabouts have been unknown for over two years. No less than nine judges in NS have refused to terminate child support. The last judge we had, ordered us to pay $10K in surety costs before he would hear our case. A total violation of Section 24 of the Charter. We only want what every parent in Canada is intitled to and that is to stop supporting an adult.
No Charter Rights exist in Canada. Nobody knows where to file them, not even the beaurocrats. Check out my website,
or call 902.798.5267 and make a donation for our Legal Defense Fund. We are also parents without any parental rights. In both cases not one person was charged. The only one who is hurt are the children and the non custodial parents. There are millions of us in Canada. Who’s next?
Live Free,
Connie Brauer
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