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Kopyto faces Law Society on Tues Sept 28th & Thurs Sept 30th 2010 for the right to practice as Para Legal.

Harry Kopyto

Kopyto faces Law Society on Tues Sept 28th & Thurs Sept 30th 2010

September 22, 2010

When Kopyto shows up at his Law Society (LSUC) hearing in the Museum Room at Osgoode Hall at 9:30 a.m. on September 28, 2010, he will be facing a three-person Panel.  This Panel has, by its abuse of fair and consistent process disqualified itself from dealing with the motion that he has brought in his “good character” hearing to be allowed to work as a paralegal.  What have they done?

  • The Panel Chair Carl Fleck telephoned the LSUC prosecutors behind Kopyto’s back.  Judges are not supposed to speak with parties that appear before them out of court.  What kind of judge contacts one side secretly during a hearing before him?
  • The Panel ordered Kopyto by e-mail to file a massive amount of documents on all his constitutional challenges and motions on only six days notice and without an opportunity for Kopyto to ask for a longer time period.  There is only one word for such conduct: abuse.
  • The Panel ordered Kopyto to pay costs for daring to challenge the participation of Paul Dray on the Panel.  It breached fundamental principles of natural justice by not even allowing him to make submissions on the costs issue.  Has the Panel never heard of fairness and due process?
  • Kopyto is seeking the correspondence of one of the Panel members Paul Dray with the Competition Bureau. He believes that this correspondence is relevant to his constitutional challenge to the Law Society’s taking over paralegals, thereby eliminating competition.  Kopyto’s challenge to Dray’s remaining on the Panel because of his conflict of interest was denied.  In doing so, the Panel Chair Carl Fleck made a statement on behalf of all three Panel members when the rules require Paul Dray to give his own reasons in a separate decision for refusing to resign.  The optics would not have looked good so Carl Fleck ignored the rules.  Is there no shame?

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Fixed Fee Divorces Could Provide Answer to Hike in Divorce Fees

Fixed Fee Divorces Could Provide Answer to Hike in Divorce Fees

WEBWIRE – Monday, September 20, 2010
Contact Information
Kate Silvers
Marketing Manager
Farleys Solicitors LLP
0845 050 1958

Family law solicitors are warning that the price of obtaining a divorce may soon become unaffordable for many as the cost to file a divorce as imposed by The Ministry of Justice in England and Wales is set for a further dramatic increase.

The fee for filing a divorce in County Court increased by 14% to £340.00 from £300 on 1st September 2010. Following comments from the Ministry of Justice that the current position for the funding of divorce and family matters is ‘unsustainable’, further fee increases are expected by 2011.

On the price increases, Antonia Love, Partner and Head of Family Law at Farleys Solicitors LLP comments:

“It is worrying that with the rumoured increases in Family Court Proceedings, and specifically filing the petition for divorce, couples might be put off filing for divorce due to concerns regarding costs. Whilst it is always sad when a marriage breaks down, the strain of staying in a marriage that is no longer working and is beyond recovery can have wider, long-lasting consequences on the individuals and any children involved.

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This is long overdue here in Canada. We need to make Family Law more humane and affordable.

Connie Brauer