Stop the Rigged Elections in the Liberal Party

Dear Editor,
Stephane Dion’s campaign to take “extraordinary measures” to boost the ranks of
women candidates in the next election, including barring men from seeking
nominations in some ridings is unconstitutional and barbaric!
Doesn’t anyone read the The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms?
Section 28 guarantees equal rights to both men and women. In order to make
a particular section of the Charter, exempt it has to be passed by Parliament or a legislature.
However, a law that limits Charter Rights under the notwithstanding clause
expires after five years. This clause is used very rarely.
How can he even think that running women only elections campaigns is OK?
Section 3 of the Charter guarantees all citizens the right to run for office.
How many more of our Charter Rights do we have to lose in this country?
Already, they are being violated by all governents, every day!
People, don’t accept government intrusion into your lives.
We deserve freedom and liberty and it is guaranteed in
our Charter of Rights.
Kick Dion out now! The only election is a fair election.
I have 1000 Charter books and will share them with anyone who wants one.
Just call 902.798.5267
Live Free!
Connie Brauer