Dilbert thinks violence against men is funny-Not!

Violence against people is never funny. How could you even print such crap?

Women who commit violence against men. That’s not the message our children should be getting.

Shame on you ! How stupid can you get?

Dilbert thinks violence by women against men is funny!

It's not funny Dilbert


News Tip: Boycott Rona for DV Discrimination Fundraising Campaign

News Tips:

Civil Rights Activists Stage National Boycott

Against Rona Inc., for discriminatory Anti Male Campaign.

Rona is conducting an insidious fund raising campaign for Women’s Shelters by using a video depicting mens’ violence against women.
They are not conducting an equal fund raising campaign for Men who have been victimized by womens’ violence against men.
The statistics of violence against men and women are nearly equal. Violence against men would actually be higher if the women
were arrested more often after committing violence and the police would not alter the statistics.
The anti male propaganda campaign is alive and well in Canada and is directly affecting the lives of men, fathers and their families.
Women and children suffer too when their men are being victimized.
Men are being victimized in criminal law and in family law every day.
Canada has a two tier system of discrimination against men.
There is no funding for men. There are millions of dollars in tax payers’
money being spent on women only programs and anti male propaganda campaigns.
Even in Parliament there is the Status of Women and no Status of Men.
Men are not being treated equally in the courts. Domestic violence by women against
men and women is seldom addressed or prosecuted.
Advertising is rampant that shows husbands, fathers and young boys as bumbling idiots
incapable of doing anything.
This sends a message of incompetence and gender disrespect to all people in Canada.
We will not tolerate anti male advertising and anti male fund raising.
We want equal rights, equal parental rights and equal opportunities.
Corporations be aware!
When you disrespect the men, you disrespect the whole family.
We will not buy from you!

There is currently a national boycott against Rona by the families across Canada who have been

disrespected and greatly harmed by the anti male agenda in the court system.

We encourage all people to take a serious look at where they shop. Is this an equal opportunity corporation? Do they treat men and women with equal respect? If not, don’t shop there!
See their video here.
Connie Brauer and Victor Harris
1061 Mines Rd.
Falmouth, NS BOP 1LO
Phone: 902.798.5267
Email: cbrauer@xplornet.com