Warning! Nova Scotia is not Safe for Families!

Connie Brauer and Vic Harris

Dear Editor,

“What part of we want a public inquiry into the
Finck/VandenElsen case do you not understand, AG Murray

Why are you continuing the evil, cover up of
corruption in Nova Scotia? It is your job to see that
justice is done for the people. So do it! Nothing has changed.
This case is not going away. There are too many unresolved
issues and you along with the previous AG, Michael Baker
have left Nova Scotia wide open for the continued corruption
against families. Every single family in Nova Scotia is at

Michael Baker is more concerned with his now exposed,
non payment of license and fees for a vacation property than
he was with the unconstitutional, full force police attack and
apprehension of a newborn baby girl in May/04.

Now we have news that the Halifax Regional Police did
nothing wrong in the armed and dangerous, EMT, midnight
battering ram attack of a
family to forcefully remove their newborn child, resulting
in a three day standoff. This resulted in a dead grandmother,
tasered and arrested parents and the permanent apprehension,
(theft) of their child.

Let’s go back to the beginning shall we?
These are points that the public may not know and why we
MUST have a public inquiry.

First of all, Dr. Dawn Edger violated her patient’s privacy
privileges when she informed the Halifax Children’s Aid,
that she was treating Ms. VandenElsen during her pregnancy
and that she was concerned for the coming baby. She based this
opinion solely on the hearsay news that Carline was being
charged with kidnapping her three children from a previous
marriage. She obviously ignored the part that Carline felt
she had to take them out of necessity as the judge in that
case was denying her parental rights and constitutional
rights regarding her raising her triplets. All charges were
later stayed.

The Halifax Children’s Aid Society immediately went on the
attack and applied for and received an apprehension order
from the Supreme Court Judge, Debra Smith.

No evidence of criminal behaviour or neglect of any kind
were brought into evidence. There was none. Not one of the
Family and Children’s Services apprehension conditions applied.

So why did Debra Smith issue an apprehension order that
violated the family’s constitutional and parental rights?
How does this happen in Nova Scotia? Since when do judges
make their own rules?

The mandate of the Children’s Aid is to keep families together. They did no
investigation, no in house visit and no consultation with
the family. They just stole their child.

Why did the IWK not issue a birth certificate stating
Carline VandenElsen and Larry Finck were the natural
parents? What is their role in this? Since when can a children’s
hospital fail to file legal and statistical information about newborns?
It’s their job.

Why has the Dept. of Community Services not investigated the
Halifax Children’s Aid Society? It’s their job.

How is it possible that a charity organization can hold so
much power over individual people? Who gave them this power?
Who are they? They evolved as an offshoot of the Social Prevention
of Cruelty to Animal. The SPCA.
How can they flaunt all parents’ rights and constitutional
rights without any criminal charges laid against them?
Why are taxpayers footing the bill to the tune of over
$600,000 per year for the Halifax Children’s Aid legal
bills alone?

Why has the Halifax police failed to follow up on any of our
complaints into the mistreatment of this family? What about
all the other families destroyed by this unconstitutional
and corrupt apprehension and adoption industry? It is
supposed to be monitored by the Minister of Community
Services, who used to be David Morse. It was his job. He did squat!
Why hasn’t Community Services Minister Judy Streatch called for an
investigation? It’s her job.

Why is the adoption industry such a closed and secret
society? Why can’t people apply for the adoption of any
child they want like we wanted to? We applied for custody and
adoption of Mona-Clare. Why is it the Children’s Aid who
decides who can adopt whom? Why can the Children’s Aid
Society ( society means charity) use public funding to
prevent all contact with them other than their high priced
lawyers like Elizabeth Whelton of Blois, Nickerson and
Bryson? Do all adoptive parents know they may be adopting a
non consensual parent’s child? A child who was most
likely stolen from his/her own parents? Where is
Mona-Clare? What happened to her? How many people got paid
when she was stolen? I’ll tell you. 28 different groups of people got paid.

Why did Justice Ferguson refuse to give us custody of this
child but left her in the care of the Halifax Children’s
Aid Society who destroyed her at birth? She was in clear and
present danger as soon as the CAS preyed upon her. She has
still not been returned to her rightful parents. Profits became more
important than a baby.

Why hasn’t the Human Rights Commission investigated as per
our insistence? Why are they completely impotent to
investigate this?
Why hasn’t the Ombudsman investigated? Why is he completely
I’ll tell you why. They are not allowed to investigate the
executive counsel of Nova Scotia, so what good are they?

Why is there no funding for qualified and expert legal
counsel to bring suit against the government of Nova Scotia
for failing to uphold fundamental freedoms and the Canadian
Charter of Rights and Freedoms? How long can this go on?

Why has neither Rodney McDonald or the previous Premier of NS, John Hamm,
been held to account for allowing this on their watch? It’s their job.
Why haven’t 52 of Nova Scotia’s MLA’ s insisted on justice being done?
It’s their job.

Why has no one except the victims been arrested?
Why is Chief Beazley getting a new contract for another term when he swept the
whole issue under the rug? It’s his job to protect the people of Halifax.
It’s his job. Who protected this family?

Why do we have a government that is systematically covering up
the crime and corruption of the violation of most basic human rights that
are guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

How do I know all this? I went to the trial and I read all
the court documents. I have been a civil rights activist for
this family and other families for a long time.
I personally know the family. I applied for the care and custody of Mona-Clare.
I wanted to adopt her and raise her in our loving family.
I was denied.

Bring on the Public Inquiry! Bring home Mona-Clare now!

Live Free,

Connie Brauer
Family Rights Activist

Live Free,

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