Boycott products by gender discriminating commercials


I just get sick to my stomach when I see and hear commercials that denigrate men and there are a lot of them.

Once you become sensitive to them, as I am, you will start to see things that should never have been allowed to air. The men look like dorks and the women look like smart little ice queens that know everything.

This is gender discrimination in advertising. Men are the brunt of violence, stupidity and discrimination.

Please use your voice and complain to : Canada’s Advertising Standards

Interpretation Guide

  1. Caution should be taken to ensure that the overall impression of an ad does not violate the spirit of gender equality even though the individual elements of the ad may not violate any particular guideline.
  2. While the Guidelines pertain to both women and men, some clauses are particularly directed to the portrayal of women. Men and women are not at equal risk of being negatively portrayed and these Guidelines recognize that fact.
  3. Humour, works of art and historical settings can all be positive elements in advertising. However, these techniques should not serve as an excuse to stereotype women or men or to portray behaviour which is not acceptable today.
  4. The Consumer Response Councils may consider the nature of the media used when assessments are made. Sensitivity should be demonstrated in choosing media vehicles for certain product categories, such as intimate or personal products.

Just watch the latest Polysporin commercial. A family of two adults and two kids go camping in the woods. The father burns himself, hits himself with a rake handle, falls down, etc. etc. He can’t walk a straight line without some harm befalling him. In the meantime the wife and kids just look on, safe and sound. At the end of the evening the wife reaches for the Polysporin to make it all better, while flashing her knowing looks. It’s ridiculous! Kids are watching! Is this the impression we want our children to have of our fathers and men? Of course not. Actually, I just found another one where the kids are inviting Dad to take a water slide and he crashes into the car. Doesn’t Polysporin know what they are doing? DON’T BUY IT.

COMPLAIN INSTEAD. We have been able to get many products advertising to either change the commercials or get rid of the nasty products if they are discriminating. One was the stupid t shirts that said “Boys are stinky – throw rocks at them!” We made such a fuss as a group, that they took them off the shelves. If you see someone wearing them, as I did, ask this, ” If the t shirt said Girls are stinky, throw rocks at them would you allow your child to wear it?” The parents of these kids usually say it’s just a joke. Well it isn’t funny to the boys or the parents of the little boys. Don’t do it.

Also note Homer and Bart, The Family Guy and the various sitcoms. All the men act stupid while the smart, sensible ones are the women. Terrible!

Don’t buy it.

Connie Brauer>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

>>>>>>>>>>>No Friend of Polysporin <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Boycott Polysporin for Gender Discrimination


The last bastion of free speech has been silenced, the Rick Howe Show is Gone!

May 30/08
Dear Editor,
The phone in talk shows are the last bastion of free speech and now it’s gone too. We, the people no longer have a voice. We are not allowed to present in the Legislature or the House of Commons. Our MLA’s and MP’s are inaccessible, the Ombudsman has no power to expose the very people we need to complain about. Rick’s show was the last and only way a person could call in and complain, usually about the government. It was not censored.
Oh, yes, we still have the voice of the people, however, you have to be chosen and you can be censored or edited. The section is very small compared to a whole section on mindless fashion, fluff and entertainment. FM radio should immediately continue Rick’s Howe’s talk show. CTV, Global and CBC TV should have a political panel allowing PEOPLE to voice their opinions. Canada is not a Democracy. It is a Dictatorship and it’s getting worse every day! You wonder why people don’t vote. I’ll tell you why. The politicians don’t listen and don’t fix what’s wrong. There’s no accountability.
There is no whistle blowers act for the people, only for government by government.

Here’s my stand…

No equality = no Votes for any party.

Put people’s rights first or you are out! Pass it on.

Live Free, (What a concept?)
A short farewell to Rick Howe in video above.
Connie Brauer
Phone 902.798.5267
Falmouth, NS, Canada

For Howe the bell tolls
Popular phone-in radio host cut adrift as Halifax loses yet another AM station

’This is tougher than I thought it was going to be,’ veteran Halifax talk radio host Rick Howe said Thursday after announcing to listeners that the Hotline, the show he has hosted for 10 years, has been cancelled. (CHRISTIAN LAFORCE / Staff)

Veteran Halifax talk radio host Rick Howe announced to listeners Thursday that the Hotline, the show he has hosted for 10 years, has been cancelled. (CHRISTIAN LAFORCE / Staff)

THE HOTLINE has gone cold.

Veteran Halifax talk-radio host Rick Howe took his last calls Thursday as CJCH makes plans to move into the FM market.

“It is with a great deal of sadness that I tell you this hour about the future of this radio program and my own,” Mr. Howe told his listeners shortly after noon.

“This will be the final hour of the Hotline, and after today, CJCH will be flipping to the FM dial, and the Hotline will not be part of the format.”

The affable host seemed to get bogged down in tears several times during the broadcast.

“This is tougher than I thought it was going to be.”

The show aired weekdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on AM 920 CJCH.

….for the rest of the story, click here.

Once again the Children’s Aid Society is abusing Families!

Bioethicists against forced treatment

Boy put under care of Children’s Aid after refusing painful chemotherapy

TORONTO — A decision to forcibly impose chemotherapy on an 11-year-old Hamilton boy who didn’t want to go through another round of painful treatment was “heavy-handed” and “worrisome” considering how often similar conflicts arise, several bioethicists said Monday.

The boy, who cannot be named because he is now in the care of the Children’s Aid Society, has been thrust into the thorny debate over the right to seek alternative therapies and ignore conventional wisdom.

He was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia when he was seven, went into remission, but then had to endure the tough experience of chemotherapy earlier this year when the cancer returned.

After being told last week he needed more chemo he refused to go through the ordeal again. He took that position even though doctors said he’d have only six months to live without the therapy, while treatment would give him a 50 per cent of fighting off the cancer.

The boy’s family supported his decision and was ready to try some alternative therapies at home, but doctors insisted he go through chemotherapy again. A judge ruled that the boy cannot make an informed decision and he was put into CAS care to ensure he get chemo……….


We parents can no longer make medical decisions about our own children. Our children can’t decide to forgo painful chemotherapy and spend what little time is left of their life with their family.

In comes the almighty Children’s Aid Society and steals this poor child away from his family so they can make the decision for him and their family. It must be done!

I want to know who gave this rediculous society the right to violate our homes and families???

And what are we going to do about it? These people have unlimited power to steal children away from any and all parents if they want to. They have Godlike powers to snatch a child or a person away and make moral and lifestyle choices against the wishes of families. They did this to the quads that were born in BC and forced them to undergo a blood transfusion against the parents wishes.

It was later proven that it was not necessary.

The CAS must be monitored by responsible judges. This can’t go on. Don’t donate to them. They are unaccountable to anyone and rather than protect children and young people they destroy them.

Stop the nonsense. Get them out of our lives!  Don’t vote for any  party that refuses to do a full scale investigation into the monstrosities of this so called charity, nationwide.

Connie Brauer.

Family Compact is Alive and Well in Nova Scotia, Canada…

Folks, if you think we live in a Democracy,

think again! We are being ruled and fooled by the

Family Compact. Boycott Canada, until we are

truly Free!

name popularly applied to a small, powerful group of men who dominated the government of Upper Canada (Ontario) from the closing years of the 18th cent. to the beginnings of responsible government under the Baldwin–LaFontaine Reform ministry (1848–51). The group, some of whose members belonged to the same family and most of whom were men of wealth, controlled the legislative and executive councils, had a virtual monopoly of political office, and strongly influenced banking, education, the issuing of land grants, the affairs of the Anglican church in Canada, and the courts. New settlers from Great Britain and the United States, finding themselves denied political opportunity, were drawn into an opposition movement, which in time became the Reform party. Religious differences embittered the struggle, since the Family Compact (the term first appeared c.1828) was composed almost entirely of members of the Church of England. The Château Clique was the name given to a similar powerful group in French Lower Canada.


The names have changed but the system remains. The government of Canada and Nova Scotia are an inaccessible elite group of elected persons who are SUPPOSED to represent it’s Constituents but you can never reach them.  It is difficult to get them to change, right wrongs or even bring up a controversial and unconstitutional subject in the Legislature or the House of Commons. They are impotent to make any changes. I have a letter personally from the Speaker of the  House of Commons, claiming that it is virtually impossible for a private member’s bill to succeed.

This is supposed to be the land of the free! Far from it. WE have a dictatorship and inside that dictatorship we have the Right of Kings, called Judges. There is absolutely no way to mount a defense against a  group of judges who are more interested in protecting themselves rather than adjudicating properly and fairly a case based on it’s own merits. This makes all judicial orders suspect. What’s really going on here? Judges are not elected therefore can not be removed by the people and seldom if ever by the government. These are the people who are controlling our lives. They don’t follow the rules.  They make the rules.

Why are we as a nation of free thinking and supposed free living people allowing this to happen in Canada?

Don’t let it! Don’t vote for any political party that doesn’t guarantee your Charter of Rights and Freedoms and create the resources to do so. The Charter is a lie as it is inaccessible. There are no Charter lawyers available.  And if you should be so lucky as to find one, they would claim a King’s Ransom.

Equal famlies does not exist in Canada and nothing is more important than that.

Both parents must raise their children without the constant interference of Supreme Court Judges making all  decisions.  Until then, don’t be duped, don’t get married, divorced or have children as they don’t belong to you anymore.

Canada’s judiciary controls all. Until we are free and I mean really free, I urge all tourists to boycott Canada. We are a nation of slaves dictated to by government and that will not do!

Connie Brauer

Equal Law For Men and Women- No votes to any party unless it is so!

Supreme Court of Canada- Make it Right!

1) Equal law for men and women means 50:50!
Equal treatment by family and criminal courts, police, publicly funded agencies. Stop 10X longer sentences and 10X higher payments and 10X more obstacles for men. Monitor equality statistically. Stop treating men like wallets and like garbage! Eliminate “Rule of 2 Women”! (The rule, in family litigations involving a man and two women, that the woman who hates him wins and the other woman looses.)

2) Equal parenting means 50:50!
Right to have and raise children is not private right of women only. Kids need men and women. If the marriage ends, why eliminate one parent? Sole custody is abuse of children, other parent and grandparents. Stop creating social problems with city ghettoes filled with single moms. Outlaw sole custody! Stop bastardizing society! Heterophobic feminists do what hurts men most: depriving them of their children. Equal government funding for women’s and men’s groups, and not 1000:1 as we have now.

3) Equal economic status means 50:50!
Stop women dipping in men’s pockets nonstop. Women control most of men’s money and inherit all eventually, live longer and more comfortably. No ex wife paid back for all years of support during the marriage or even said thanks. A jobless ex should be treated like any other unemployed person, not like a victim deserving compensation. Feminists rip off a million from every man during his productive years. Even bachelors and gays pay, not as direct transfers to women, but as a) taxes to support feminist projects without any benefits to men and b) inefficiencies of national economy caused by feminist interference in natural division of labour and diminished productivity of working men. Even majority of women pay in terms of most meaningful things in life that all money in the world can’t buy and their judges can’t order for them.
4) Equal social status means 50:50!
Stop treating women like queens! Most of Earth destruction is caused by women who reward environmentally destructive, gas guzzling men with copulation and refuse modest men. Stop women using sex to control men! Plus, women control now all decision making institutions in the country! Share decisions with men!
End feminist myth of men’s power and control: Recognize that men’s violence is usually a sign of powerlessness. Men have more stress, more suicides and more difficult lives. Recognize that more men do dirty, dangerous, low status jobs. Stop treating women as victims and men as abusers in all cases of marital disagreements.

5) Equal sexuality means 50:50!
Stop punishing men for their sexuality. For one minute of alleged trauma to a woman a man is put one year in jail! How about for one minute of alleged trauma to a man a woman is put one year in jail? Stop women using police or other men as a weapon to punish ex partners. Men and women are hurt equally by loss of children and family. They are equally sensitive. Heterosexual relationship is not slavery for women.

6) Equal representation means 50:50!
Women represent majority of votes (because 1-natural majority, 2-voting age majority and 3-more time to vote and attend committee meetings. Also women get funding for all kinds of status of women work.) Legislate equal representation 50:50 to prevent exploitation of minority by empowering heterophobic feminists to abuse men, children, abused women  and those women who support their men!