NS will likely receive about $870 Million. Where’s our share?

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We’re in the money
Crown share deal gives N.S. $870m over next 15 years, including $234.4m up front

Premier Rodney MacDonald and Defence Minister Peter Mackay sign an agreement to implement the Crown Shore Adjustment Panel Report on the Halifax waterfront on Sunday. Flanking the signees are Nova Scotia Finance Minister Michael Baker and South Shore MP Gerald Keddy. (TIM KROCHAK / Staff)

Federal Defence Minister Peter MacKay and Premier Rodney MacDonald respond to a reporter’s questions after officially signing an agreement to implement the Crown Shore Adjustment Panel Report on the Halifax waterfront on Sunday. (TIM KROCHAK / Staff)

NOVA SCOTIA WILL likely receive about $870 million over the next 15 years, Defence Minister Peter MacKay said Sunday.

The Central Nova MP and Premier Rodney MacDonald announced the details of their Crown share deal against a backdrop of Tory backslapping on the Halifax waterfront.

“These payments won’t be paid back under equalization,” Mr. MacDonald said. “They will help put Nova Scotia on a solid fiscal foundation. They will add to a safe and stable legacy for our children.”


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  • The money will be paid out over the next 15 years using calculations based on the price of oil and natural gas when the calculations are made.

    The deal ends a 22-year-old dispute between the province and Ottawa. The deal compensates Nova Scotia…….more

    Dear Editor,
    Since NS will be receiving a huge amount of money from the Offshore Accord,
    I would like to know when we can expect our share?
    I hear from the Premier that the designated recipients are already pretty much established.
    These  recipients are all government entitites.
    As NS is not a Communist state and the priorities are not the state at the expense
    of the people, we need our checks.
    Every adult in NS is entitled to a share of the profits. We want to be able to decide what we
    want to spend this money on, not the state.
    When can we expect our checks, please?

    Connie Brauer

    Sent July 16/08

    Not printed. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM???????? Why not?