Stop the abusive, violent, anti male Super Bowl Commercials! Pepsi Max, Don’t buy!

Advertising Standards Canada – Complaint


Offensive Pepsi Commercial and Other Anti male commercials.
This just makes my blood boil.
I called Pepsi Canada and vented. Ann said she would pass the complaint along to her supervisor.
Told her she was going to get a lot of calls. Filled in the form. Here it is.
This is a disgusting commercial and should never have seen the light of day!
It is domestic violence against a man intended to be funny.The man just goes a long with the violence and then grabs his wife
and runs away after SHE assaulted a stranger.  I say boycott Pepsi! This is not acceptable! When are the actors in these dysfunctional
commercials going to wise up and refuse to act in such a violent manner???
When is the Company going to stop promoting domestic violence and random assault as acceptable? Shame on you Pepsi!
I want a retraction of the ad, an apology to the men and women of Canada, US etc. and a proper gender equal, non violent ad. Do it!
I’m sick and tired of the anti male, anti father commercials made by stupid companies.
Don’t use their products, don’t buy and don’t watch that shit anymore!
~Live Free
Connie Brauer
1061 Mines Rd.
Falmouth, NS B0P 1L0
Phone and Fax :  902.798.5267
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