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Father’s Rights


Send to Donations at Your donations are urgently need to get a grown man off child support.

We are still paying for 21 year old William Joseph Harris who has been missing for more than a year.

We have all rights of access but the mother Paulette Harris refuses to tell us where he is so that she can continue to collect child support to which she is untitled. This woman has done absolutely everything she can to be abusive.

She is promoting a child support scam which is endorsed by the court system.

Chief Justice Kennedy ordered Victor Harris to pay $10,000 in surety costs before he or anyone would hear the case to terminate child support for a 21 year old missing man. The judge claims we came to court too many times. This he read from secret documents which were not served to the father, Victor Harris until 27 days after the court hearing. We never got the hearing.

In addition we will need to hire a lawyer to represent us. For some reason judges don’t like self representers and never agree to

terminate child support no matter how much evidence we have. Vic Harris has paid more than $225,000 in child support in the the 16 years and that still isn’t enough for that greedy bitch. She is collecting money for a missing man.

We will also need to hire a private investigator to find William Joseph Harris. Perhaps even more than one.

Paulette Harris, the mother has been uncooperative in this matter. This should have been over two years ago.

Now in our retirement years, we have to come up with $20,000 just to get child support terminated.


Make a Donation For Justice

Make a Donation For Justice


Donations can be made payable to:

Connie Brauer

1061 Mines Rd. Falmouth, NS B0P 1L0


Phone 902.798.5267

All donations will be used in good faith for our legal defense fund.

If any funds are left over, they will be used to assist other families of

judicial abuse.

All donations are greatly appreciated.

Connie Brauer ♥


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