The Monstrous Children’s Aid Strikes Again in NS! Stealing Children!

Destitute Children

Destitute Children

Dear Editor,
Further to the story about the woman dominatrix who had her children taken away in Dartmouth,
by Children’s Aid, another family bites the dust.
Children’s Aid strikes again! If a parent or parents are even a little bit different they risk losing their
children to these self declared Gods, who get paid per head, from both the Provincial Government and the
Federal Government. I know, because I saw the financial report. They are in the business of taking
people’s children even when no laws have been broken, no parent has been charged with any crime
against the children and it is a total violation of their freedom and liberties.

This parent (the dominatrix mother) has not committed any of the crimes under the Family and Children’s Services Act. that warrant removal of her children. See item 22 and beyond.

Who gave these people this awesome, unaccountable power to steal other people’s children? Why are they
still allowed to commit these barbaric acts and violate the rights and privacies of families in 2009?
The children in this case were not consulted. Maybe the CAS should have asked the children how they are
being treated. Are they in any danger and if so what kind?

Please join our group of Parents Rights in Kijiji, NS.   We must stop this invasion of personal parenting rights!

Connie Brauer