About Us

Justice Fighters

Justice Fighters

We are Connie Brauer and Vic Harris, civil rights activists.

We are victims of judicial abuse and child support fraud.

We are doing everything we can to change the legislation for non custodial parents

and their families.

We encourage all victims to do whatever they can to change the laws for all of us.


Connie Brauer and Vic Harris.

Phone 902. 798.5267


NS, Canada


5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I need a little direction. I am looking for support in order to get primary custody of my children. I only want what is in the best interest of my children and my soon to be ex is to unstable to provide stability.

    • Hi jjohnson29745@yahoo.com,

      It is unfortunate that one must apply to court for one’s own children. That’s what you need to do.
      Go ( or phone) to your local prothonotary, (court house clerk) and ask for custody application. Fill, file and serve. Once it is filed in court you
      will get a court date. If you are in the process of a divorce already, you can apply for it there. If you are the father, don’t sign anything from her lawyer.
      Warning! Don’t sign anything unless it is user friendly to both of you and you have gone over it with a fine tooth comb. If you have a lawyer he/she will most likely deceive you and not assist you much. They will attempt to bleed you dry. Be careful. Canada’s divorce laws are evil and hurtful to fathers and non custodial parents.
      All the best,
      Connie Brauer

  2. Dear Connie and Vic,

    I really enjoy your blog. I’ve been an advocate for Shared Parenting in Massachusetts. We have a good shared parenting bill before the legislature again this year which has a lot of both popular and legislative support. But unfortunately the bill is opposed by key members of the Massachusetts Democratic party and a few key legislators.

    This year in Massachusetts there is a lot of dissatisfaction with these unresponsive legislators and have an opportunity to replace some or them with independent candidates who are more friendly to shared parenting.

    I’ve started a political blog to track these races where I can help recommend the independent challengers. I’m looking for partners who can help raise the profile of this blog.

    Would you be interested in doing a link exchange? I would be glad to add you to my blog roll in return for a link to our blog.

    We are “massachusetts-election-2010.com” and the desired link anchor text is “Massachusetts Election 2010”.

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