No Charter Rights in Canada! It’s a Big Lie!


Dec. 10 is Human Rights Day But No Human Rights In Canada!

Canadian Family Court

Dec.10th  is Human Rights Day.
We have the GUARANTEED Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and we have signed on with the
United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, since 1948, but there are no protections for individuals who are
being tortured by the government of Canada. Millions of Canadians are being deprived of their fundamental human rights
but have no access to resolution,  restitution or litigation. Slavery was abolished in 1830 and yet we are still slaves.
We are one such family. Why are we still paying child support to the mother for a missing 23 year old able bodied, mentally fit man?
It has now been nearly five years that he has been missing. No one will tell us where he is and yet we are FORCED to continue to pay
child support which should have been terminated four years ago.
What kind of a country is this that allows no resolution and continues to torture and persecute parents for being parents?
Our laws are biased, corrupt, cruel, discriminatory and abusive.
No one takes responsibility. Canadian Human Rights Counsel is labour law, only.
The Charter is routinely dismissed in the courts.
The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights is systematically ignored.
Our MP Scott Brison has done nothing to stop this torture or bring it up in the House of Commons.
We are not allowed to go to court as there is a $10,000 surety cost ordered to keep us out of court.
The only way to terminate child support is to go to court and apply. We can’t go to court and apply. This is a  direct violation of Sect. 24 of the Charter.
But who cares, the Charter isn’t upheld anyway.
The Dept. of Justice works for the government and not the people of Canada. It says so right on their website.
So, I ask you, what  third world country  is this? O Canada!

Connie Brauer

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