No Charter Rights in Canada! It’s a Big Lie!



On Sept. 23, 2009 Victor Harris and I,  attended the round table discussions for the new Canadian Museum of Human Rights at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

We met in the small craft room. Sail boats all over the place. Wonderful atmosphere.

We were seated at round tables with other guests and a facilitator and note taker.  Our facilitator was the best, Mary Beth. Our note taker was Vander.

We were all welcomed and treated with respect by the organizers.  They wanted our input  for the new museum. Their mandate is to treat people with sensitivity and respect and collect their stories.

As we told our stories at our individual tables and listened to each other’s stories, I realized there was an awful lot of pain and frustration  in this room. These were all brave people who came together with their stories and their concerns to share and contribute to the new museum.  This was a room full of Human Rights Violations.

It was a historical evening. I felt we had all created a little piece of history that night.

Watch for it. You will be impressed.

For more information about the museum, click here.

Connie Brauer