Wednesday, June 29/05 No Justice in Canada Day!

Sentenced by the courts, Larry and Carline VandenElsen have received the following punishment:

– They lost their 5 month old baby girl

– The State has been unaccountable for the abduction of their baby girl

– Public character assassination

– Public shame for standing against the powers that be (let it teach us all a lesson, eh?)

4.5 years for Larry Finck and 3.5 years for Carline VandenElsen. Both were credited double time for time served, contrary to the abusive 1.5 time the Crown wanted to force on them. Larry will then serve 4.5 years less 26.5 months and Carline will serve 3.5 years less 200 days.
One thing this trial has not succeeded at doing is examine the reasons why Larry and Carline refused to hand over their baby. Why the RCMP tried to ram down their door in the middle of the night. The many irregularities CAS and the legal system have been responsible for, from the first court order while Mona-Clare was still in the womb, to the use of the RCMP anti-terrorist unit in the middle of the night, to the abuse of mental health assessments which the CAS sparkles families with like poisoned candies at Christmas.
What this trial has succeeded to do is throw discredit on the institution of “justice” in that province, and has helped bring out to the light the issue of the CAS and Family Court who, by their very self-preservation, continue to break up families using “mental health” as their weapon of choice.
How do we let an agency that has both a governmental and private status, use its own psychiatrists and lawyers to build up their own defense to support the fabricated removal of children in otherwise regular families? Who has never had any harm done to them in a family? Who can predict that a child placed in a foster home will NEVER have any harm done to them? The OPPOSITE is actually truer.
At this point, scores of people from around Halifax and elsewhere, in Ontario as well, are coming out with their own horror stories of how their child has been methodically removed by the CAS and placed in a foster home or given in adoption. To ignore them is no longer possible. We cannot refuse to consider the future of this “mental health” angle as being the weapon of choice being use nowadays to forcibly take away from parents their children who suffer from mental health.
A public inquiry is the only way we will finally expose the inefficiency of the system they use, and expose the numerous abuses that will shock people. There is a systemic blindness to the real tragedies unecessarily created by employees of a system who rely solely on the letter of the law to accomplish a task: provide candidates to a system that processes children.
Cynical? Far from it. It is a grim and undisputable reality.
Larry, Carline and Mona-Clare Finck have been victims of this confused system. The standoff stemmed from their refusal to abide by the CAS comedic claims to their infant. And now that the LAW has succeeded in forcing itself on those victims, we need to stand and denounce such atrocities against Canadian families. The deep shame that stigmatizes families who lose their children for reasons that are beyond them, the powerlessness before a system that maintains that rules have to be blindly applied, even if those rules clearly violate the very mandate they boast about: protecting children and keeping families together. It is clear that we assist at a social fraud.
The CAS has turned into a monstruous machine, and the longer we leave it to itself, unaccountable, the worst it will become. In that particular province, the obligatory annual review of the CAS and Child Protection Services has not been done since 1999. It is time we start asking questions. There’s a big buiding being constructed in Stratford, ON for the CAS… WHY do they need a new million-dollar building?
Andre Lefebvre

Criminal Complaint Filed with the HRP

Chief Frank Beazley Posted by Hello
Brauer and Harris Human Rights Org.
1061 Mines Rd. Falmouth, NS B0P 1L0
Phone 902.798.5267

April 12, 2005

Halifax Regional Police

Official Charge of Criminal Wrong Doing by the following:
Government of NS, Premier John, Hamm, Minister of Community Services, David Morse, Family and Children Services , Chief of Police of HRPD and Minister of Justice, Michael Baker and the Judge who issued the apprehension order of Mona-Clare Fink/VandenElsen.


• Torture and Terrorism
• Criminal Child Abduction
• Forceful Child Abduction with Many Dangerous Weapons and Unnecessary Force.
• Conspiracy
• Unlawful Arrest and Confinement
• Running a Baby Snatching Ring
• Child Endangerment
• Incompetence
• Property Damage
• Police Brutality
• Massive Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Violations
• Excessive and Unnecessary Tax Payer Spending
• Judicial Unaccountability
• Political Unaccountability
• Failure to Respond.
• Wrongful Death
• “Crimes Against Humanity”

Torture and Terrorism
May, 2004 Halifax Standoff at 6161 Shirley St.
The Larry Finck and Carline VandenElsen story has been making headlines for months. This family is at the breaking point. Currently Mr. Finck is incarcerated and has been for nearly a year.
Every bail hearing was denied. There are accused criminals and murderers out on bail, free. However, a father who harmed no one and did everything he could to protect his family and especially his baby daughter from the corrupt and barbaric family and children services is still in jail today.
These parents have endured torture, persecution, stalking, assault, taunting, threats, slander, libel, financial devastation, child abduction and incarceration from the very people who are supposed to ensure their rights and freedoms. This all started in Ontario, when a corrupt court system decided to terminate a natural mother’s access to her children and give full custody to their father. This act violates the Judge’s Act, The Divorce Act, UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The family decided to move to NS when they found out that they were expecting another child. The parents were extremely fearful that the Family and Children’s Aid would once again attempt to abduct their children. They had good reason to fear as the Family and Children’s Services of NS contacted the Ontario FACS even before the baby was born. They issued an apprehension order based on pure fabrication. The NS Judge ordered a court order to apprehend a nursing infant from her mother’s breast without any evidence of any neglect or danger to the child.

Of course the parents would not give up their infant without a fight. During the Halifax standoff, a gun was fired out a window. However, it was never aimed at anybody and nobody was hurt.
3 Days later the couple surrendered and came out of the house with their infant child and the baby’s dead grandmother, who had died prematurely during the stressful event.

Since that time Mr. Finck has been incarcerated without the barest necessities to carry on a defense at his trial.

Ms. VandenElsen and Mr. Finck have been financially ruined by the Ontario system and the NS system.
They have not seen their child, heard from her, held her or been assured she is safe. In fact the opposite is true. Family and Children Services have already begun adoption proceedings, without the parents. They even suggested the baby was in the US.

The parents are engaged in no less than three trials during the same time and quite possible more.
They have been doing everything possible to get their child back. At this time they have little hope because both parents have already lost their children from previous marriages, due to the corrupt court systems in Canada. These parents have done absolutely nothing wrong. All they wanted to do was be with their children. That however, is a crime in Canada.

Criminal Child Abduction
In 2004, Family and Children Services applied for an apprehension order without any evidence whatsoever, of harm to the baby, Mona-Clare. A NS Judge rubber stamped the order without requesting any evidence. The mandate of the Family and Children Services is to unite the family. They took absolutely no steps to check, verify or provide assistance to this family.

Mr. David Morse is the Minister of Community Services. It is his responsibility to oversee the Family and Children Services and see that they are run correctly and do no harm to families. He failed.

Mr. John Hamm, Premier of NS, is responsible for his own ministers, including David Morse. He failed to be accountable. He failed to demand accountability from David Morse and Family and Children Services. This inhumane tragedy happened on John Hamm’s watch.

There are many babies and children in NS, routinely, being stripped from their parents, without cause, by Family and Children Services

Forceful Child Abduction with Many Dangerous
Weapons and Unnecessary Force.
Upon receiving the unjustified, apprehension order, the police moved in to the residence with machine guns, ER teams, riot gear and battering rams. The police attempted to forcefully seize the infant from her parents, after midnight, in May 2004, without any mediation, discussion, reassurance or concern for the baby’s welfare. Baby’s are very sensitive to tension and riot gear, windows bashing and continuous phone calling after midnight would be enough to upset any baby. Depriving the child of it’s mother and father, is a high stress event for any child and could have long damaging effects. The baby has not seen or heard her family since the apprehension. This is cruel and unusual punishment. Nobody in their right mind would sanction such a thing, except the government of NS.

Medical files are private. So are Revenue Canada files. However the Family and Children Services of Ontario wasted no time in forwarding all sorts of wrong, misleading and private information to the NS Family and Children Services.
When Mr. Finck went to the HRP to lay a conspiracy and kidnaping charge the police brushed him off with contempt. He was a fly in their ointment. All they cared about was unlawfully apprehending their perfectly healthy baby.

Unlawful Arrest and Confinement
Mr. Finck and Ms. VandenElsen were immediately arrested and charged with all sorts of ridiculous charges. Defending your baby and preventing her from being permanently snatched, is a crime in NS. Being a parent in NS is now a crime.

Running a Baby Snatching Ring
Where are all the babies going? Why are they taken without any contact with their parents?
Why did the IWK not record the live birth? Why are the being adopted out? Who is adopting them? Who is responsible? When did the parents become dispensable? Where is Mona-Clare? Why hasn’t David Morse, Michael Baker and John Hamm stepped up and called a full criminal inquiry? Twice as many baby’s are apprehended in Halifax as they are in Toronto. What does that tell you?

Child Endangerment
What has happened to Mona-Clare? Where is she? Is she alive or dead? Why isn’t she back with her mommy and Daddy? Has she been adopted? Where? Why? Who? How? No one knows and no one cares.

Criminal Negligence
John Hamm, Michael Baker, David Morse, Family and Children Services, Human Rights, Ombudsman, HRP Police Chief have all failed to lift a finger or make a call. It’s their job.

Property Damage
The Halifax police damaged the property of Mona Finck. They have not compensated the family.

Police Brutality
Forceful apprehension of a child, arresting the parents, arresting witnesses, solitary confinement, tasering, pushing into the ground, sitting on peoples back while their hands are pinned beneath them, false arrests, unlawful incarceration of witnesses and continued incarceration is police brutality.

Massive Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Violations
No Canadian government agency is above the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is the Supreme Law of the Land and all people in Canada are supposed to be protected by it.
The government has violated Sections: 7, 10, 11, 12, 15, 24, 28, 31 and 52 in this matter.

Excessive and Unnecessary Tax Payer Spending
How much tax payer money has this government spent depriving this family of their children? We want to know, right down to the penny.

Judicial Unaccountability
Any judge who rules to remove a perfectly healthy baby from her loving parents should and must be removed! We demand it.

Political Unaccountability
The politicians have hidden from us, from Mr. Finck and Ms. VandenElsen and the public.
There is nowhere left to hide.

Failure to Carry out their elected duty.
Politicians, judges, police.

Wrongful Death
Ms. Mona Finck died prematurely during the standoff. Death was caused by Family and Children Services and Halifax police.

“Crimes Against Humanity”
The cruelty of this case and the many other cases in NS, is astronomical. It can only be classified as “Crimes Against Humanity”
The provincial torture of parents is the continuation of the Federal torture of parents by the politicians. Make no mistake about it. The Divorce /DV Industry, which is a multi-billion dollar, profit sharing industry, based on greed, that has violated the constitutional rights of all parents and their Children, must be reformed. This industry spreads the wealth to all it’s leeches at the expense of the family.

This torture must stop now. We are asking a full scale investigation be implemented immediately.
Criminal charges to be applied if found guilty.

We are human rights and family rights activists. We do not want any more harm done to this family. They are in constant danger.

They have been excessively harmed. Because of the fragile state of the family, please refer all questions to us. We are laying these charges. Leave the family alone.


We demand a full public inquiry, now.
We demand a full criminal investigation.

Connie Brauer and Vic Harris
World Ambassadors for Parents Equal Rights.
The Parents Are Angry!

Cc International Criminal Court @ The Hague.

“Keeping people from being free is big business.”
Prison Guard on “Masked and Anonymous” staring Bob Dylan

Media Release: Oh, Canada, What Have You Done?

Media Release, For Immediate Release and
Worldwide Media Release
PSA for television, for human rights
Justice, Inc.
Brauer and Harris
Oh, Canada, What Have You Done?

NS Premier Hamm

and NS AG, Michael Baker…

“How Can You Allow

This To Happen In NS?”


NS, Canada is not Safe For Families!

They steal your babies, here!

5 month old child forcefully removed by NS's Swat team

Notice the cut straps? Forcefully cut from her mother’s loving arms!

May 21/04, Halifax, NS. The Forceful Removal Of A 5 Month Old Nursing Infant From Her Parents By Children’s Aid and a dozen of NS’s Machine Gun, Armoured SWAT TEAM For No Logical Reason! Halifax standoff lasted for 67 hours, during which time the police bashed in the family’s door with a battering ram, after midnight, and attempted to seize the child. Exactly like the Gestapo in Nazi Germany. Parents refused to give up their baby, as Government is unconstitutional, barbaric and cruel. Grandmother died during standoff. 50 Reasons to hold a Public Inquiry, but NS Government refuses Public Inquiry. Parents are incarcerated in prison. Found guilty of abducting their own child and firing a gun, a warning shot. But the cops got their child, by God! Child has not been seen since. (over a year now) No home, no family, no justice! Millions $$$ spent just to prevent parents from raising their children. Why? What are they hiding? What a country, Canada? No one is safe here! Grab your kids and run!

Call A Public Inquiry Now!

Don’t Let This Happen!

Carline VandenElsen will surely die from her hunger strike

R.I.P. Carline VandenElsen,

Wife, mother and human rights activist, on hunger strike for justice,

starving for the children in a jail cell,

Deprived of everything, including her newborn baby, now 18 mo. old, by the

NS political/judicial/CAS/corrections system.

Larry Finck, Father, husband and human rights activist has been in jail for over

a year for refusing to give up his child to CAS. Innocent until proven guilty, NOT!

Little Baby Girl, deprived of her mummy and daddy, for no reason! Why? How?

How many others?

A Public Service Announcement from Justice, Inc. Brauer and Harris Phone 902.798.5267

Lunenburg, NS looks so peaceful, but wait, the evil monster is stirring. This monster is so evil it eats our young and spits out the parents. We must slay this evil monster! We must make our beloved NS safe for families again! Posted by Hello


Dear Unaccountable Politicians,
Carline VandenElsen is dying and it’s your fault!
She has been taken to hospital!
You have tortured and terrorized this mother and her husband and their baby.
You have failed to fulfill your duty as an elected politician.
You have failed to ensure Justice.
You have failed to Investigate the corrupt abuse of power.
She will will be dead very soon, and you are all at fault!
Absolute Power Corrupts, Absolutely!
We hold you all personally responsible!
Your complete lack of care is reprehensible!
Live Free!
Connie Brauer and Vic Harris
NS, Canada
902.798.5267 ( Office hours 9-9AST-1 hr past EST)