Take the 1 minute online survey!

Take the one minute online survey for non custodial victims of judicial abuse in Canada.

We want your stories, be sure to prepare the one page contact summary and mail it to us. See previous post.

At the same time fill out the one minute online survey and tell us your story.

We will use your info in the upcoming lawsuit for justice and equal rights of all

parents in Canada.

One Minute Online Survey. Click Here!

Connie Brauer


Wanted! Victims’ of Judicial Abuse, Your Stories.

Wanted! Victims’ of Judicial Abuse, Your Stories.

Dear Editor,

We are compiling a database of victims of abuse in Canada by the Family Law Industry.
A future documentary film is also being considered.

We want a one page summary of your ordeal with the Children’s Aid,
Courts and Family Law Industry that has deprived parents of their children
and children of their parents.

We want your stories of court bias, unfairness

and discrimination of the non custodial parent(s).

We want your stories of apprehension

of children and teens by the CAS and abuse or neglect in foster care. We want your child
support horror stories.

We want stories about your struggle to get access to your children. We want to hear from the

children too. We want stories from non custodial parents
or their children.

Please follow this format:

One page only and to the point.

On left hand side, Contact details with emails

Name(s) of children
Names of Judges

Type of of court order(s).

Heading: Your Province, CAS, Foster Care or Divorce and
Child/Spousal Support, (pick which one applies)

Short summary:
Apprehension by CAS,
Access/no access,
How many times in court,
Legal fees,

Child support issues,
Spousal support issues,
Effect on children etc.

Your signature.

Top Right, include
a small picture of your family.

See template at http://judicialabuse.blogspot.com/

Mail to Brauer and Harris, Canadian Civil Rights Association
1061 Mines Rd. Falmouth, NS B0P 1L0, (902.798.5267)

Your abuse stories must be mailed and we may
use them in future court cases for legislative reform.
Get your stories in fast as there is a time limit.
By signing them,
you give us permission to use them
for the benefit of all victims in future lawsuits or documentary films.

All the best,


Connie Brauer and Vic Harris
Canadian Civil Rights Association