Once again the Children’s Aid of Cape Breton are out to steal someone’s children!


C.B. mom facing uphill battle to get daughter home for Christmas



Connie Brauer




Parole Board Needs to Be Updated! It’s out of touch and Unconstitutional!

Parole Board Needs to Be Updated! It’s out of touch.

Connie Brauer

Parole Board Needs to Be Updated! It’s out of touch.

Dear Editor,

The Parole Board and the Corrections systems assumes everyone who comes up for

a hearing is a criminal and must feel remorse for their crimes. Corrrections is just that.


This is massive brainwashing and a huge injustice to some inmates. Not all inmates are guilty.

Robert Latimer, Sk killed his daughter Tracy because she was terminally ill and living in hell.

She was starving to death, in  pain 24/7 and the whole medical system failed her.

Robert sent Tracy to her rest as an act of love not cruelty.

Now don’t turn this into a crusade for all disabled folks.

Parole was denied because he didn’t show remorse.

Carline VandenElsen, NS  was also denied parole because she didn’t show remorse.

She is a loving mother who had her baby apprehended before it was even born.

The fix was already in and the Children’s Aid and the Supreme Court judge  gave permission

for MC’s removeal  from her loving family, by machine gun force.

It was just a matter of time before they found mother, father, grandmother and baby home

together, where they should be, and overpowered them with tasers and took the nursing infant away forever.

Folks what we have here is a bureaucratic system of  force and intimidation to rival the Nazis and Taliban,

with gutless wonders at the helm. These politicians, yes you Rodney, are too impotent to call a public inquiry

here in NS and bring justice to not only Carline VandenElsen and Larry Finck but all the other parents who have

been abused. There’s lots of them.

What really happened in these two cases and thousands more.

Everybody failed these families including the outdated and moronic parole board.

If you did your time, even for a crime that you didn’t commit, you should be free.

You don’t need to blather how sorry you are so that the godlike parole board won’t

punish you some more. These victims have integrity and are not liars.

Answer this question. What if it was your child?

Live Free,

Connie Brauer

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