Provinces man in Ottawa, doesn’t do much for Nova Scotian Parents

Province’s man in Ottawa gets nod for 2 more years
Government renews Thompson’s $1‘30,000-a-year contract
By STEPHEN MAHER Ottawa Bureau
Wed. Jan 16 – 5:39 AM

Herald Story

Ian Thompson was appointed in 2006 to represent Nova Scotia’s interests in Ottawa.

OTTAWA — The province has decided to renew the contract of Nova Scotia’s representative in Ottawa, Premier Rodney MacDonald said Friday.

Ian Thompson, who has been in the job for two years, will serve two more, Mr. MacDonald said.

“It will be continued,” he said. “He’s doing an excellent job, and we have extreme faith in his ability to manage the office.”

Mr. Thompson, who was appointed by former premier John Hamm as he was leaving office, was the first person to play the role of provincial representative in Ottawa. He and an assistant are the only two employees of the office, which is located in a downtown Ottawa office building.

At the time Mr. Thompson was appointed, the province said the operation would cost about $400,000 a year, including his $130,000 salary. According to the province’s 2007-08 budget, the office will cost $384,000 this year.

The premier said Mr. Thompson provides a lot of help to provincial politicians and other leaders when they come to Ottawa.

“It’s not only important to have that place for us when we come to Ottawa, it’s also an opportunity for others to use it from the province, businesses and such, and other leaders,” he said.


” But don’t expect any help for ordinary Nova Scotian’s!” Connie Brauer

“Once again Government is elite and doesn’t include the citizens!

After speaking with Mr. Thompson, he had no interest in assisting parents to come to Ottawa and

give a presentation to the PM and influential committee about the complete lack of Charter Rights in Canada and the

corruption in the court systems.”