Law firm’s less adversarial approach to divorce saves time, money, stress

Making breakups less painful
Law firm’s less adversarial approach to divorce saves time, money, stress
Mon. Jan 25 – 4:53 AM

The song says that breaking up is hard to do.

But a New Glasgow law firm has taken a unique approach that aims to make the divorce process less expensive, time-consuming and emotionally draining.

“The cost of the old way of doing things is way too high,” said Leisa MacIntosh, a family mediation lawyer with MacIntosh, MacDonnell and MacDonald, also known as Mac, Mac & Mac.

The firm has opened the Family Centre for Conflict Resolution to offer more streamlined, less expensive, faster and less adversarial options for ending a marriage.

“Separation and divorce are more than a legal event,” Ms. MacIntosh said in a telephone interview. “There are human, social and psychological effects.”

As a family lawyer, she saw first-hand the toll that conflict takes on young people when their parents separate and the bitterness that divorces create.

“No one wins. It hurts the family, it costs too much and it takes too long.”

Believed to be the first of its kind in the province, the centre assesses the needs of the families seeking legal counsel and then assembles a team of experts to create a settlement that suits both parties.

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