Canada Kills Families. Family Law Unjust!

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Racist Parents lose children.

Racist parents, innocent children: What to do?

Tue, Aug 10 – 4:53 AM

An appeals court in New Jersey has denied Deborah and Heath Campbell custody of their three young children, Adolf Hitler Campbell, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell. (“Honszlynn Hinler” is meant to honour Heinrich Himmler, the Reichsfuhrer of the SS.)

A family court had earlier found insufficient evidence that the parents had abused or neglected their children (“Parents won’t get Nazi-named kids back,” Aug. 6 article). But the three judges on the appeals court panel confidently, though circularly, ruled that the parents had “recklessly created a risk of serious injury to their children by failing to protect the children from harm and failing to acknowledge and treat their disabilities.”

Certainly, parents who put their children at risk of serious injury should have those children taken from them. But it’s hard not to worry that in this case, irrelevant factors played a role in the judges’ decision, factors such as the names of the children, the social and political beliefs the parents espouse, and the disabilities and psychological problems the parents were said to have.

A similar case in Canada came to a similar resolution in February when Nazi-sympathizing parents in Manitoba lost custody of their girl (step-daughter to the father) and boy. In 2008, the mother drew racist symbols on the girl, who was seven or eight years old, before sending her to school. The Court of Queen’s Bench, while finding that the children were at risk of harm, seemed to propose that the risk that the children would acquire racist attitudes was also grounds for removing them from their parents.

We in Nova Scotia can be excused for having doubts about the objectivity or impartiality of authorities in child welfare cases. Back on May 18, 2004, members of the Children’s Aid Society tried to remove Mona-Clare Finck, then just five months old, from her parents, Carline VandenElsen and Larry Finck. Mr. Finck fired a shot and the police responded. After a three-day armed standoff, Mona-Clare was taken from her parents.

Much of what led up to and followed those events is confidential, so it is impossible to make a final judgment, but nothing in the public realm suggests that Mona-Clare was at any risk of harm. The information that is available supports instead the view that CAS officials in Ontario had a grudge against VandenElsen and Finck, and that CAS officials here were willing to do Ontario’s bidding without much investigation themselves.

Racist parents and their children raise a practical problem for all of us. What should we do as neighbours of such families, especially if we have children of our own? What should we do as clerks in the stores at which they shop? As teachers of their children?

We certainly can learn from the New Jersey and Manitoba cases what not to do. The New Jersey parents seem to have come to the attention of authorities only after a ShopRite store refused to put Adolf’s name on his birthday cake. In Manitoba, a teacher tried to wash the ink from the girl’s arm.

Both the pastry chef and the teacher let their outrage blind them to what was in the child’s best interests. They might even have been proud of their actions, thinking they took a stand against racism and for what is right. But surely if any child needs acceptance and just an ordinary life, it’s the child of Nazi sympathizers.

“Hello, Adolf! How’s it going? Aryan Nation! Always good to see you!” The best thing to do when in the company of children of racists is to ignore their names and the swastikas on their hands, and to help them to celebrate their birthdays, to welcome them into the game, and to be kind and gentle and affectionate.

Our commitment is to keeping families together, so long as children are not at risk of serious injury, for we respect both the aspirations of parents and the needs of children. But we also have a commitment to each child to regard her as an individual, and a social commitment to equality for all people.

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What’s worse for the kids? Racist names, which can be changed or losing their parents? Why won’t  any of these so called authorities invest some time in parent counseling?  Why did Justice Debra Smith of NS steal baby Mona-Clare? No lawful reason!  The judge gets a promotion, the child and parents are destroyed forever. Wonderful country!

Connie Brauer

A slight correction in the story. ( Corrected by me, I was at the trial.)  Larry Finck did not fire a gun and was never convicted of firing a gun.

Access to justice is critical for Canadians: chief justice of the Supreme Court

Supreme Court of Canada

Who can afford to go there?

Middle-class Canadians are increasingly frozen out by the cost and complexity of Canada’s judicial processes, says the chief justice of the Supreme Court.

By CanWest News ServiceMarch 9, 2007

TORONTO – Middle-class Canadians are increasingly frozen out by the cost and complexity of Canada’s judicial processes, says the chief justice of the Supreme Court.
A Canadian of average means may have to consider remortgaging their home, gambling their retirement savings or forsaking their child’s college fund to pursue justice, Beverley McLachlintold a crowd of about 150 in Toronto Thursday.
“Access to justice is quite simply critical. Unfortunately, many Canadian men and women find themselves unable, mainly for financial reasons, to access the Canadian justice system. Some of them become their own lawyers, or try to,” she said. “Hard hit are average middle-class Canadians.”
Those with some income and a few assets may be ineligible for legal aid and therefore without choices, said McLachlin. “Their options are grim: use up the family assets in litigation; become their own lawyers or give up. The result may be injustice.”

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“No Justice in Canada!”

Connie Brauer

The worst excessess of the Third Reich, is also happening in Canada.

The worst excesses of the Third Reich still hold place in Germany today
Wendy on June 5, 2009 — 2 Comments

jugendamtchild Over seventy years ago in Germany the plans were well in place to remove certain members of the population from it’s society – those deemed ‘non Aryan’ were systematically rounded up and shipped like cattle to be exterminated by it’s high functioning killing machine. It succeeded beyond it’s wildest dreams with far too few of those responsible punished for the millions of lives that were wiped out. The questions were asked: “How could a nation that was so cultured, that was responsible for such a rich contribution to the world of music, art and literature also be responsible for the ugliest and most abominable scheme ever perpetrated on mankind?”

What is it about the German psyche that makes it so capable of such mechanical orchestration, as well as justification, of acts of sheer atrocity?

You think that Germany learned any lessons following the Nuremburg Trials…? think again – for the Third Reich, and all it stood for, never crumbled and sank into ashes, it simply went to ground and slowly re-emerged with an agenda just as evil and possibly more frightening as the original model. The victims this time?…children – families – the complete and utter control of innocent lives – the basic human rights of children and their parents.

Employing methods reminiscent of those of the gestapo, children have become the property of the German State; children are removed from foreign parents who have no means of defence, placed ‘in care of the State’ and never seen or heard of again. Many suffer extreme abuse and are killed in institutions staffed by bullies and sadistic inmates.

I have received emails from desperate fathers who have seen their children taken to Germany by German wives where they simply disappear – despite all attempts to even gain contact the German state effectively blocks every attempt by fathers to see or speak to their children. German-born children of foreign parents are removed and adopted out against the wishes of either parent – example. Read more.

Hitler’s purpose was to control the children, so he could control the parents. Our courts are controlling the children so they can exploit the parents.  Judges have taken over all parenting decisions and downloaded all expenses onto the non custodial parents. The Government of Canada and the Provinces  are super taxing the people inorder to do this. Tax the victims! Take Control.  What country are we in?
…Connie Brauer

A good day for Canada: May there be more ahead

A good day for Canada: May there be more ahead

For more info Click on Ralph Surette

WEDNESDAY, June 11, was a very good day for Canada, the after-effects of which must not be lost.

It’s not just that the native peoples have heard the words of apology they longed to hear – those, after all, are a half-measure since the damage done by the residential schools and racist policy remains and mostly can’t be undone.

Even more to the point is the other side of the equation: that those of us of the dominant European ancestry have officially acknowledged the wrong, indeed our society’s deep moral failing on the matter, and made our confession.

The four party leaders all rose to the occasion eloquently. Parliament was lifted out of its usual morass of recrimination and acrimony and was never more dignified. What gave it the grace it arguably doesn’t deserve, having been the instrument of the native people’s pain, was the statements of the native leaders themselves.

This essential part of it almost didn’t happen. The government at first didn’t want to take the extraordinary step of allowing them to speak in Parliament, and only relented at the last minute.

Perhaps it was afraid of what they would say. I felt a twinge of trepidation myself as national leader Phil Fontaine, in ceremonial headdress, rose to speak. After all, having attained the podium at last, he had the power at that moment to put the nation to shame.

He could have said: The presumption of moral superiority which your society brought to these shores has been brought low. You came with the Christian Gospels in hand, and proceeded to defile them with your policies, government and churches alike. The pain you inflicted on our people was inhumanly vile, and your wickedness as a nation is now revealed. We, who have endured, reject your legitimacy and will resist your presence in this land forever…..For more info click here.

Canada has a long history of family abuse. The apology has been long overdue.

Connie Brauer


From standoff to solitude

Finck gives first interview since getting out of

jail after high-profile Halifax standoff

Wed. Jun 11 – 8:35 PM
Larry Finck

[Larry Finck says it’s hard not knowing where his and wife Carline VandenElsen’s four-year-old daughter is. The girl was taken from the couple after a high-profile standoff in Halifax in May 2004. (TIM KROCHAK / Staff / File)]

Larry Finck says it’s hard not knowing where his and wife Carline VandenElsen’s four-year-old daughter is. The girl was taken from the couple after a high-profile standoff in Halifax in May 2004. (TIM KROCHAK / Staff / File)

He shifted his weight impatiently from one foot to the other and set his heavy backpack down on the floor outside the courtroom.

“Are we mad at anybody?” asked the man whose life has been turned upside down since police pounded on his Shirley Street door in Halifax four years ago.

“We’re not angry — we’re disappointed.”

With his straggly hair and beard and trademark green winter jacket and scuffed work boots, the 54-year-old is still recognizable. He’s missing a few front teeth, but otherwise Larry Finck is the same haggard, frustrated father fighting the same issues.

It’s the first time Mr. Finck has spoken with the media since he got out of prison on statutory release on March 29, 2007, and he had a lot to say.

He served two thirds of his 4½-year sentence on charges stemming from a tense standoff with police and Nova Scotia Children’s Aid officials in May 2004 that ended with his mother dead and his infant daughter in the care of the province.

After an appearance at the Halifax Law Courts Wednesday morning, Mr. Finck angrily asked reporters why no one had contacted him in the past year to find out “what didn’t come out” at his 2005 trial.

The Chronicle Herald did try to reach Mr. Finck and his wife, Carline VandenElsen, through friends last year but requests for an interview were denied. …… read more here

We still want a public inquiry into how it is possible that an unborn child can be removed from her parents upon birth by Justice Debra Smith and Halifax Children’s Aid Society? Where are the safe guards for family, where is the justice, where is the human rights where is the Charter Rights???? – Connie Brauer

Equal Law For Men and Women- No votes to any party unless it is so!

Supreme Court of Canada- Make it Right!

1) Equal law for men and women means 50:50!
Equal treatment by family and criminal courts, police, publicly funded agencies. Stop 10X longer sentences and 10X higher payments and 10X more obstacles for men. Monitor equality statistically. Stop treating men like wallets and like garbage! Eliminate “Rule of 2 Women”! (The rule, in family litigations involving a man and two women, that the woman who hates him wins and the other woman looses.)

2) Equal parenting means 50:50!
Right to have and raise children is not private right of women only. Kids need men and women. If the marriage ends, why eliminate one parent? Sole custody is abuse of children, other parent and grandparents. Stop creating social problems with city ghettoes filled with single moms. Outlaw sole custody! Stop bastardizing society! Heterophobic feminists do what hurts men most: depriving them of their children. Equal government funding for women’s and men’s groups, and not 1000:1 as we have now.

3) Equal economic status means 50:50!
Stop women dipping in men’s pockets nonstop. Women control most of men’s money and inherit all eventually, live longer and more comfortably. No ex wife paid back for all years of support during the marriage or even said thanks. A jobless ex should be treated like any other unemployed person, not like a victim deserving compensation. Feminists rip off a million from every man during his productive years. Even bachelors and gays pay, not as direct transfers to women, but as a) taxes to support feminist projects without any benefits to men and b) inefficiencies of national economy caused by feminist interference in natural division of labour and diminished productivity of working men. Even majority of women pay in terms of most meaningful things in life that all money in the world can’t buy and their judges can’t order for them.
4) Equal social status means 50:50!
Stop treating women like queens! Most of Earth destruction is caused by women who reward environmentally destructive, gas guzzling men with copulation and refuse modest men. Stop women using sex to control men! Plus, women control now all decision making institutions in the country! Share decisions with men!
End feminist myth of men’s power and control: Recognize that men’s violence is usually a sign of powerlessness. Men have more stress, more suicides and more difficult lives. Recognize that more men do dirty, dangerous, low status jobs. Stop treating women as victims and men as abusers in all cases of marital disagreements.

5) Equal sexuality means 50:50!
Stop punishing men for their sexuality. For one minute of alleged trauma to a woman a man is put one year in jail! How about for one minute of alleged trauma to a man a woman is put one year in jail? Stop women using police or other men as a weapon to punish ex partners. Men and women are hurt equally by loss of children and family. They are equally sensitive. Heterosexual relationship is not slavery for women.

6) Equal representation means 50:50!
Women represent majority of votes (because 1-natural majority, 2-voting age majority and 3-more time to vote and attend committee meetings. Also women get funding for all kinds of status of women work.) Legislate equal representation 50:50 to prevent exploitation of minority by empowering heterophobic feminists to abuse men, children, abused women  and those women who support their men!