The worst excessess of the Third Reich, is also happening in Canada.

The worst excesses of the Third Reich still hold place in Germany today
Wendy on June 5, 2009 — 2 Comments

jugendamtchild Over seventy years ago in Germany the plans were well in place to remove certain members of the population from it’s society – those deemed ‘non Aryan’ were systematically rounded up and shipped like cattle to be exterminated by it’s high functioning killing machine. It succeeded beyond it’s wildest dreams with far too few of those responsible punished for the millions of lives that were wiped out. The questions were asked: “How could a nation that was so cultured, that was responsible for such a rich contribution to the world of music, art and literature also be responsible for the ugliest and most abominable scheme ever perpetrated on mankind?”

What is it about the German psyche that makes it so capable of such mechanical orchestration, as well as justification, of acts of sheer atrocity?

You think that Germany learned any lessons following the Nuremburg Trials…? think again – for the Third Reich, and all it stood for, never crumbled and sank into ashes, it simply went to ground and slowly re-emerged with an agenda just as evil and possibly more frightening as the original model. The victims this time?…children – families – the complete and utter control of innocent lives – the basic human rights of children and their parents.

Employing methods reminiscent of those of the gestapo, children have become the property of the German State; children are removed from foreign parents who have no means of defence, placed ‘in care of the State’ and never seen or heard of again. Many suffer extreme abuse and are killed in institutions staffed by bullies and sadistic inmates.

I have received emails from desperate fathers who have seen their children taken to Germany by German wives where they simply disappear – despite all attempts to even gain contact the German state effectively blocks every attempt by fathers to see or speak to their children. German-born children of foreign parents are removed and adopted out against the wishes of either parent – example. Read more.

Hitler’s purpose was to control the children, so he could control the parents. Our courts are controlling the children so they can exploit the parents.  Judges have taken over all parenting decisions and downloaded all expenses onto the non custodial parents. The Government of Canada and the Provinces  are super taxing the people inorder to do this. Tax the victims! Take Control.  What country are we in?
…Connie Brauer


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